Delays and disappointment

by Rob Williams | 10th November 2023 | News
Second staircase stalling What feels like a lifetime ago in July, Mr. Michael Gove made the now infamous announcement about … Continue reading Delays and disappointment ...

Architects’ Dreams of Play

by Carol Squires | 25th August 2021 | News
Back in 2019 , I was recommended to visit an art exhibition at The Wellcome Collection “Living with Buildings”, surprisingly … Continue reading Architects’ Dreams of Play ...

Moving Joe

by Carol Squires | 11th October 2020 | News
We are all aware of sensationalist media reports depicting hoarders as freaks or health hazards but not many of us … Continue reading Moving Joe ...

Video killed the Radio Star

by Carol Squires | 2nd July 2020 | News
Or rather the resident consultation process. Oh the heady days of early 2020 – when residents flocked to events to … Continue reading Video killed the Radio Star ...

Regeneration in Lock-down

by Carol Squires | 2nd April 2020 | News
Up until 20 working days ago, we wondered how we would manage to speak to so many people about so … Continue reading Regeneration in Lock-down ...

Homes fit for Heroes

by John Morris | 31st March 2020 | News
As a bit of a distraction from our current woes, here’s a piece I produced for a creative writing class … Continue reading Homes fit for Heroes ...

Social housing should not be viewed as ‘second class’ or an experiment

by Rob Williams | 3rd November 2019 | News
I was at a workshop on building new homes and we got to a contentious point about what was being … Continue reading Social housing should not be viewed as ‘second class’ or an experiment ...

Democracy is Something to Embrace

by Carol Squires | 18th April 2019 | News
We have been quiet on the social media and blogging side since December, been busy supporting residents through ballots and … Continue reading Democracy is Something to Embrace ...

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